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FairPlay Series 

*NOTE* This is for the entire pack.

This book was created to not only keep our pre-teens busy throughout the summer holidays, but to also help guide them on how to deal with their emotions during this phase of their life. These include mood charts, gratitude tasks and activities to cope with stress. All strategies to take with them as they progress into life!

73page Summer Journal pack for KIDS to last for THE ENTIRE 6WEEKS of SUMMER!
Includes your own journal with puzzles, writing prompts, activities, make your own and colouring as well as the SUPPLIES you need for the activities - so no need to go out and buy anything extra!!!!

I hope you enjoy creating your Summer Journal with amazing memories and I can't wait to see what you have been up to on our Instagram page - Don't forget to use #MySummerJournal when you upload!

Generally aimed for pre-teen but inclusive to all ages!

With Love
Chanel Ali

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Learn how to make popcorn! 😱

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