Term 2 - 11th Sept- 18th Dec '21

❓Why Should I Put My Child Into Performing Arts? 

1) Builds Confidence
2) Helps Concentration
3) Language and Communication
4) Cooperation
6) Emotional Intelligence
7) Physical Development
8) Creativity
9) Friendship
10) Boosts Imagination

Theatre classes are designed with an idea of pushing people out of their comfort zones and showcase their innovative skills. In a very subtle way, it works on your soft skills, making you ready and helps you connect with people by communicating effectively 🎭

🎭Ways To Help Kids Boost Their Confidence😁

1) Teach POSITIVE self talk - choose 3 positive words and ask them to repeat them everyday! (I am….I am….I am….)

2) Encourage a GROWTH mindset - believing their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work!

3) Remind kids of their STRENGTHS

4) Give chances for EVERY kid to shine!

5) Teach and discuss RESILIENCE - being able to recover quickly from difficulties

6) Encourage kids to follow THEIR passions

7) Help kids to set and meet individual goals - this gives them long-term vision and short term motivation. Goals help you align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery!

CMM promotes these techniques at all times, our moto is to always ‘Be The Best You’


1. Learn your lines so well that you never have to worry about them.

2. Keep a notebook about the play, the character, the period, your moves. It'll help you remember what you have done so far – especially if you're having to rehearse in your spare time rather than all day, every day.

3. Never go dead for a second on stage. Even if you are doing nothing, do it actively. Listen.

4. If something goes wrong – say someone drops something – don't ignore it. Try to deal with it in character.

5. Warm up your voice and body. Get used to the size of the auditorium; if you don't know it already, go to the worst seats in the house and have conversations with people on the stage so you get to know what kind of energy is needed to be heard.

6. Be ambitious.

7. DON'T LOOK AT THE AUDIENCE! Unless it is in the script, never look at the audience. You setting is the only location your character is aware of, you, on the other hand are the only one away of all those people staring at you.

8. Try not to worry about embarrassing yourself. That's a lifetime's task.

9. The Victorian actor Henry Irving said: "Speak clearly and be human"

10. Have fun: be as serious as you like, but enjoy yourself.